New Hurricane in the House


Chris Daleo, Staff Writer

We have a new hurricane in the house. After spending her life in foreign countries, teaching hundreds of children, Ms. Cho finally found herself at WHBHS. Ms. Cho, a former teacher in Japan, has joined the high school faculty as Ms. Schneider’s replacement while she’s on maternity leave. 

Ms. Cho started her teaching career in Japan, drawn back to the city of Osaka after her high school senior year was spent abroad there. Initially applying to be placed in Switzerland, Ms. Cho was placed in Japan and never looked back. She described her time teaching English as a second language to middle school students as “very interesting” and “amazing”. She is now conversationally fluent in Japanese, and her husband is fluent in Korean. Ms. Cho met her husband, a thirty year native of the country, while traveling in Korea.

After teaching in Japan, Cho taught at her alma mater, Hunter College, in Manhattan. Once she moved to Long Island she found herself teaching at the high school level.

Ms. Luciano, WHBHS English coordinator, said Ms. Cho immediately struck her with a warm personality and friendly demeanor. She says her unique experiences were also a point of emphasis in her interview. Ms. Luciano said that connecting with kids is the most important part about being a teacher, and Ms. Cho has been able to do just that. 

Jackson Hulse, a tenth grader, said, “Ms. Cho is very good at brightening up my day.” The student continued to describe their new teacher as very nice and interesting due to her life experiences. 

Many students said Ms. Cho and Ms. Schmeider have very different teaching styles. But, Ms. Cho has had positive feedback from her students. This is a testament to how well she has transitioned into the high school, for her students to go from a familiar surrounding to a new one in which they have quickly conformed to and appreciated. 

She plans to continue her education career after her time here at WHB. One way she will do that is SAT tutoring, which she has done for 10 years. But, Ms. Cho will never forget her time here with us. 

Ms. Cho had nothing but nice things to say about our school, saying the “students are very nice and the town is beautiful.”