HOT New Hobby

HOT New Hobby

A HOT new activity has won the hearts of many local yogis. Hot yoga is growing trend popular to people of all ages.

According to Time Magazine, hot yoga is a steamy class which involves 26 specific postures and breathing exercises in a room heated to 105 degrees.  Sophomore Madi Degroot, a frequent hot yoga student, says that being in these temperatures are “hard at the beginning but the teacher teaches that you’re supposed to be sweating and teaches you how to stay positive.”

The benefits of hot yoga include physical activity, sweating out all the gross toxins in your body, and gives you a positive mindset. Hot yoga student, senior Madison D’Aries says, “Yoga is all about being in touch with your breath. Once you have that down it becomes less about the heat and more about your breath.”

Mostly women take the class. However, there are also teens and men mixed in. Most people love it because of the self-confidence and positivity that it gives you.

Although there are many helpful benefits you have to make sure to stay super hydrated in these extremely hot conditions!