You can afford anything! (If you work a lot)- Minimum Wage Rises

You can afford anything! (If you work a lot)- Minimum Wage Rises

Do you work really hard and don’t think you are getting paid enough? Are you getting paid the same amount as your lazy co-worker? Are you the lazy worker? Do you live in New York? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then this applies to you! Since January 1st minimum wage has gone up a mind blowing 75 cents! And may go up to an astonishing $10.00!

Hardworking Senior Aimee Schmelzer believes that raising minimum wage, “Is a very important step to take and although it does not affect my life right now, as a high school student, I am glad it was raised for future endeavors.” Schmelzer also points out that “a constant rise of minimum wage is not a good idea but an occasional rise would really help out a lot of hard working citizens.”

Senior Kelly Cuddy also believes that it will have a very positive impact in New York. “Raising minimum wage would give hard working Americans a chance to better their lives.” Cuddy also raised some excellent points about how, “Minimum wage isn’t a, 21 and under pay, it’s for parents and those working 2-3 jobs just trying to get by. America should right this wrong and raise minimum wage maybe just a little more.”

As I furthered my pursuit of opinions on minimum wage, I came across a sophisticated and scholarly male who goes by the name Mr. Hilly. Hilly is a history teacher in Westhampton Beach High School who had a lot to say on this topic. “Yes, minimum wage is important because it means putting more money into the economy and everything in our economy is based on spending.” Hilly also points out, “Perspectives matter, what is happening in your life is what causes you to make the choice of whether or not you will get up and get a job. Minimum wage isn’t preventing people from getting a job; the circumstances prevent them. If you are a single parent and you need a job, you will take that job even if it pays almost nothing because you don’t have much of a choice. But if you are a teen and you don’t really need the money, you will probably not care as much as that parent does. Its all about perspective.”

From $8.00 to $8.75, minimum wage has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. So next time you get a job that pays minimum wage, take comfort in knowing that the money you make now will really help you in the future. Make sure you’re getting paid that extra 75 cents because you deserve it.