Dive into Seascapes!


Are you a poet? Maybe you are but you didn’t even know it. Well here’s the club for you! Release your inner artist at Seascapes, where you can escape into a sea of poets just like you. Every Tuesday after school in room 209, for the past 41 years Seascapes meets to read and enjoy poems from many different people in the school. It’s a club where you can go and share your thoughts in a judgment-free zone where all criticism is constructive.

Katie Torr, a fellow member of Seascapes says that it “is about embracing the individual writing styles of your peers around you and appreciating their courage to show their own work.” Torr has been an active member of seascapes this year. She also adds that she loves “finding out about my fellow peers: their interests, talents, and aspirations through their poetry/writings.” Torr always had a great time in seascapes and says to never hold yourself back from sharing your work. She then exclaimed, “Just do it.  Life’s short.  Do you really want to be 30 years old remembering back to that one poem you wished you submitted to Seascapes?  I don’t think so.”

Mr. Dawson, the head of Seascapes since 2007, says, “I love helping the members grow as writers, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share this time with such interesting and wonderful people, and the club seems to have a different set of people each year.” It’s a wonderful place to be and, “Anyone and everybody can join! Even if it’s just to meet new people, just listen to what others have to say about their writing come on in.” Mr. Dawson loves to see new faces in seascapes so come and join!

Send in your work or just come to listen to beautiful poetry. Don’t be shy and stop on by! I hope to see you there!