You can’t prevent college stress, but you can cure it!


Senior Alyssa Rubick

Stress, it’s at an all-time high during your senior year. Of course there is stress during other years too, but nothing beats the stress of the college application process. From college visits, to common app, to essay questions, the majority of seniors feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

After asking several students how ready they feel for the college process most answered with an unsure, “I feel okay about it.” It’s not good that a lot of seniors are only doing okay when it comes to their future. Senior Shala Franciosa said, “I haven’t been looking at colleges enough, I feel so stressed lately.” Franciosa and several other seniors such as Alyssa Rubick, don’t feel mentally ready for the next stage of life to commence, senioritis is everywhere!

Rubick (shown in the photograph) was also another student struggling with not knowing what she wanted to pursue in and that is completely okay. Going into college undecided is the most common major. But you still have to make sure you’re on the right track to get into the college of your dreams. Rubick now is positive about the field she is going into and is very excited!

After interviewing high school Guidance Counselor, Ms. Habersaat, a few ways to help guide you to an easier and better future were revealed. She stated that, “Each English class has a counselor to help and talk about the process and to keep the seniors up to date, work on applications for those who are ready and encourage students who are making their list to see their counselors.” Keep a steady pace for yourself and don’t try to rush everything at once, spread it out. Habersaat said, “Put a timeline down for yourself and know when everything is due.” Even if a deadline is only days away, try to take everything in as slowly as possible.

Money. It’s a huge problem for most people. Scholarships are everywhere. Habersaat said, “Westhampton Beach local scholarships will come out late February, early March, Naviance has a list of scholarship opportunities.” So if there are worries about staying financially stable during college, go ahead and apply for as many scholarships as possible because they help everyone.

College is a huge part of life and shapes your future tremendously. Stress is annoying but it comes along with the college process, so stay organized, don’t procrastinate and get ready for a year of excitement, and know that all the hard work will pay off.