‘Master Teacher’ of Math, Mrs. Grunenwald


Throughout WHB there are many life-changing teachers, one being Mrs. Grunenwald.   

Mrs. Grunenwald recently earned the honor of being named master teacher by New York State. She said about the program, “The Master Teacher Program is an amazing program that gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other STEM teachers in New York State. We focus on expanding my knowledge in the areas of content, pedagogy, and students’ families and communities. Connections The things I’ve made through this program are priceless.”

Grunenwald went to college for engineering, although she knew she always wanted to become a teacher. She shared, “Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a teacher but, in college, I went into engineering.”

Grunenwald grew up in Shoreham, and following graduation from high school, she attended Hofstra University in Hempstead and earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Secondary Education.  About the switch to teaching from engineering, “It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it; I just thought I was always meant to work with kids and I didn’t get that with engineering.” 

She believes that some students may be intimidated by the thought of math. Although when teaching she tries to “show how fun math can be.” Sophomore Evangeline Wasser, a student of Mrs. Grunenwald’s, said she makes learning fun and enjoyable. When walking into the classroom Wasser said, “There is a lot of positivity.” 

When asking what advice she would give to her students Grunenwald says, “Never stop challenging yourself because there’s always more to learn.”