WHB WE Service Providing Opportunities for Students


Period 6 WE Service class with Senora Kearns

Emma Mignone, Staff Writer

Our WHBHS Spanish program has added a new service project to the curriculum this year. The AP with WE Service gives students the opportunity to help out around the community and get College Board recognition. In this project, students will be focusing on the problems and solutions of climate change and global warming. 

Through the project, service-learning activities strengthen students’ understanding of AP course content and skills, using what they’re learning to tackle real-life social issues.  

Any AP class can participate in this service but this year, Spanish teacher Mrs. Kearns and WHB’s Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology, Mrs. Williams decided to test it out in a Spanish class. Things may be a little different in a Spanish class as opposed to an English-speaking class, but Mrs. Kearns explains, “The difference will really just be the language skills and our final presentation will be done in both English and Spanish. Throughout the year, all class discussions are done in Spanish, so you are strengthening your skills from an English class in a language class.” 

Students will be learning about real-life problems while including a second learning aspect. This program will take all year and is split into four stages. Mrs. Kearns broke down the stages saying, “In the first stage you will research and investigate an issue in our community that needs help. The second stage is to conduct an analysis of related problems and solutions and identify a project. The third stage is to develop an action plan and complete the project. The last stage is to showcase your findings to communicate the conclusion, impact, or make a recommendation.” 

The AP with WE service has been executed by over 10,000 students and is available in three countries including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

All groups will consist of four to six members, including at least one native or heritage Spanish speaker. Students participating in the service-learning project must take the AP exam in order to receive credit for it. 

Both students and their communities benefit from completing the AP with WE service project. According to Mrs. Kearns, “Through this service program, they can make a positive impact in our community and the world with what they have learned in the AP course.”