COVID-19 Tree


A before and after the 2020 Rockefeller Tree.

Theresa LoPresti, Staff Writer

There’s no question that 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, but maybe the 75 foot tall Rockefeller tree will bring some Christmas spirit along with some normalcy to wrap up the year. New York’s Rockefeller Center has been the hosting place for the famous Rockefeller Tree for 87 years. However in mid November when the tree for this year was delivered and put up it wasn’t looking too good.

In the first few days it was put up, there were many gaps and missing branches on one side of the tree; it looked very lopsided. The reason for this is because before its trip down from Oneonta it was wrapped up very tightly, so it wouldn’t get damaged during transport. 

There were many people who looked at the tree and approved it before it could come down, so if it wasn’t anything but beautiful it wouldn’t have been approved. As a matter in fact the same thing happened with the tree in 2019, so it is not uncommon for this to happen. 

The media was quick to make assumptions about the tree and how it is a symbol of all that has happened in 2020, but in a short time the branches have fallen back into place and the tree has returned to what it first looked like when it was still in the ground up in Oneonta. 

The tree itself might not be a hidden metaphor for 2020, but there are certainly a lot of new rules and protocols that viewers must follow to see the 2020 tree. To begin, a reservation must be made to see the tree. 

Parties will only have a five minute tree viewing limit and masks are mandated at all times. Also, parties must not have more than four people and groups must be six feet apart at all times. Center Plaza, where the tree actually is, will be closed to the public. 

Even if 2020 hasn’t cracked up to what we were expecting, at least we know that Rockefeller Tree will still be shining bright in New York this Holiday season.