Start With A Hello


Start With Hello banner in the gym with positive notes for WHB students.

Theresa LoPresti, Staff Writer

With all of the restrictions in place this school year, students have felt distant from their friends and classmates. Social distancing might be hard for others to deal with, so reach out. All it takes is to Start With a Hello. 

This year has been an unpredictable one, so WHB has chosen to participate in the Start With Hello program. The main goal is to spread positivity with those who might feel socially isolated or lonely this school year. Our school social worker, Ms. Davis introduced the program to improve the culture of this year. Ms Davis said, Start with Hello is an age-appropriate training that raises awareness and educates students about social isolation and how to create a connected and inclusive classroom, school, and community.” Spreading positivity throughout the school is important if we want to keep the same culture around the school before COVID-19. 

Social distancing due to COVID-19 has put a mental strain on students in and out of the classroom. At WHB, a large number of kids might be feeling this isolation. Ms. Davis said, “The culture in schools across the country has significantly changed since COVID and as a result, many students are experiencing uncomfortable adjustments to their social network.” 

Being aware of what your classmates and peers might be experiencing is important. All it takes to make someone’s day is to just be noticed and included.  So, the next time you see someone who might be feeling socially isolated or lonely say hello. 

As Ms. Davis said, “Social distancing is a physical restriction, but it does not have to be an emotional one.