An Angel Among Us


Marley Merrihew, Staff Writer

For those who don’t believe that angels live among us, try talking to Mrs. Laura Hansen in Laptop Central.

Mrs. Hansen has been involved with a volunteer program called The Angel Card Project for three years now. Each year around Christmas, she sends out hand-written cards to those in need.  Usually, she gears her letters towards the elderly, who can be lonely this time of year.

The Angel Card Project was started by Martin Scutter and is a volunteer program that allows good-hearted people like Mrs. Hansen to spread their kindness by sending Christmas cards to those less fortunate.

As I walked in to laptop central to interview Mrs. Hansen, I saw stacks of cards laid out on her desk. It was her lunch break, but she was clearly hard at work. Mrs. Hansen excitedly explained that she had been working on her Angel Cards and showed me a stack of adorable letters she’s just finished. “I have no feeling left in my thumb from jamming it into a scissor to cut these out,” said Mrs. Hansen as she showed me her hand made snowflake that she includes in every letter she sends.

Many people may wonder why she does all this for people she doesn’t even know, but Mrs. Hansen believes, “You do stuff like this, and you get it back.”