The Top of the Class of 2018

Salutatorian Ariel and Valedictorian Adam at the 2018 Academic Awards.

Salutatorian Ariel and Valedictorian Adam at the 2018 Academic Awards.

Graceanne Gaudiello, Staff Writer

If you missed the announcement, the Class of 2018’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian are Adam Sheren and Ariel Kaplan. To achieve this accomplishment, they put in hours and hours of hard work and applied their exceptional work ethic.

Adam Sheren has been number one in his class since sophomore year and will be attending Cornell University in the fall. His motto is “you get out what you put in!” He also says studying is key, when you study effectively. No music or sitting in your bed. He sits at a desk and really focuses, which he believes got him where he is today.

Even though Adam has had the top spot for a while, he was still very nervous about winning Valedictorian and never told himself he was certain to get it until he heard his name on the loudspeaker.

Throughout high school, Adam took ten AP classes; his favorite by far was AP Chemistry. “Mr. Grodski pushed me to do my absolute best and showed me how fun science really is.”

Adam didn’t just focus on school these past four years, he was also involved in jazz ensemble, pep band, pit orchestra, student government, National Honor Society (as the Vice President) and he played varsity tennis for four years.

Adam’s sister Sydney, who is number three in the class of 2018, says, “Beyond his academic ability, I think Adam deserved to win Valedictorian because of this dedication to learning. He genuinely loves learning and teaching others. Adam is always tutoring other students to help them get ahead, too. He really is the most hardworking and humble person I know.”

Ariel Kaplan won Salutatorian, the second overall in the Class of 2018. Since freshman year, Ariel has been working to be in the top two of her class before she graduated. She had finished 14th overall in 9th grade and would not let herself down until she was number one or two. By junior year, Ariel finished second in her class and it took a lot of work. The secret to her years of success are organization and persistence. She says, “I am a diligent person, and I make sure to get all of my work done when it is assigned.”

During Ariel’s years at WHB, she also took ten APs and her favorite was, like Adam, AP Chemistry. Ariel will be attending Northeastern University in the fall which she could not be more excited for. “I was accepted into Northeastern’s Honors Program and this allows me to travel while I learn. Experimental learning is extremely important to me and Northeastern has the perfect program.”

Ariel’s parents are her biggest influences. “Seeing them work hard everyday teaches me that hard work pays off, as well as kindness. They truly made me who I am today and push me to be the best I can be.”

One of Ariel’s best friends, Hailey Daleo, says, “Ariel worked really hard and never gave up even when the odds were not in her favor. She made sure to always go the extra step and, although it isn’t always appreciated, she did everything for everyone when they needed it and she deserves it more than anyone else I can think of.”

Good luck to Adam and Ariel!  Best of luck in college and beyond.