Lessons of a Traveling Teacher



Elise Ferreira, Staff Writer

Foreign Language teacher Ms. Sedano, a native of Mexico, has been traveling, she says, “Since I was in my mother’s womb.”   As a child, she took frequent trips from Mexico to New York to visit family.  She is now traveling the world whenever she can with her husband and (almost) 3 year old son, Lincoln.

Moving from Mexico after her freshman year in high school, she remembers, “My life was different in Mexico, mainly because my family and friends lived in a bubble. We went to private school; we were not your average Mexican student who had to go to public school. In Mexico, there is a big difference between public and private school. There is a big divide in social classes in Mexico.”

Growing up in Mexico taught her long lasting lessons. She said, “The biggest lesson was understanding that money does not buy happiness.”

About her love of traveling, she said “I love seeing new places; I am amazed at how beautiful our planet is and how picturesque it is. I also enjoy learning about the countries’ culture and their way of life.”

Traveling has taught her “to be grateful for what I have at home. Beautiful places/people can be captured in a picture but the experience cannot be bought. You need to get out there and see it, feel it for yourself.”

Her young son has already been to three continents and seven countries.   She said, “We have adapted to traveling with a child – many people said we would stop traveling once we had a child. My husband and I have realized that we have to build in ‘time’ for him to run around and still do ‘kid’ things when we travel.”

Ms Sedano summed it up by saying, “Pay attention to what makes you happy, be realistic in your goals and don’t stress yourself out over little things; there will be plenty of things in life that you will have to worry about.”

Ms. Sedano, her husband, and son in Patagonia, Argentina.