The Mirro-cle of WHB

The Mirro-cle of WHB

Ben Zimmer, Staff Writer

Everyone knows about the Physics classes in our school, with grueling and demanding work constantly. However, not many people know the person behind all this extensive work: Mr. Bob Mirro.

Born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, Mr. Mirro decided to become a teacher a little bit later than most. However, he had been thinking about being a teacher since he was in high school. He said, “In life, I’ve had some great teachers, and bad teachers, but at the time I thought those teachers were bad due to a different perception. It’s like when you think your parents are so authoritarian in your youth, but later on in life you realize they were right the whole time.”

He decided to become a teacher after he realized that what he thought he wanted to do, being in the industrial business, wasn’t what he truly loved. Mr. Mirro always remembered his old high school math teacher, Mr. Charlie Seiacca, and how he affected his life as being such a great teacher and person. So, Mirro decided to go back to high school and take a day to shadow his old teacher. “Charlie told me right when I met with him, that teaching isn’t always just teaching, so he took me down to the cafeteria and showed me the ropes of lunch duty. It’s funny now because after 21 years of teaching and learning from him, I’m now the one that’s helping other teachers out with lunch duty in WHB.”

If he wasn’t at WHB teaching, Mirro shared that his dream job would’ve been a detective, tackling cold case after cold case. “I’ve always loved thinking of taking the bad guys down with intellect and thorough investigation, and solving those tough crimes.” However, he said that no matter how much would love to be a detective, teaching is his passion and he wants to do for the many years to come.

Not many of the underclassmen know who Mr. Mirro is, but juniors and seniors alike know of him because the majority of them either take Physics or AP Physics. One of those students is junior Alexa White, who’s in one of Mr. Mirro’s Regents Physics classes. She said, “Mr. Mirro is a dedicated teacher who loves to bring a challenge into every lesson. He loves to bring fun and excitement into physics, and he makes sure his students always understand what they’re learning.”

Even after those 21 years of teaching, Mr. Mirro always feels like it’s a new day with new surprises. “No matter what’s on my mind, whether it’s extra stress or how bad traffic was that morning, all of it just melts away and I enjoy myself, looking forward to whatever comes my way during the course of the day.”