Seascapes: Literary Club


Lillian Simons, Staff Writer

Westhampton Beach has many students with great potential. Writing has become a great way of showing talent and expressing the interests and capabilities of the writer. Seascapes has given an opportunity for writers in our school to share their pieces of writing in an end of year book.
Held every Tuesday during extra help, the literary group is made up of a few ambitious students who create a friendly, judge-free environment. They are willing to go over pieces of play-write, poetry, and short stories. Mr. Dawson, also known as a 12th grade English or History of Rock and Roll teacher, has the great ability to run the after school program. He allows any work, including photography and artwork, to go into the book at the end of the year.

The students begin going over the year’s-worth of work in May, then rate the students’ pieces in order of most important, to include in the publishing. Not every piece of writing or artwork will make it into the end of year booklet, but many submissions are greatly appreciated.
The group of people who meet every Tuesday sit in a small circle of desks and choose a few pieces of writing to go over. The reader, if present, will choose whether for his or her piece to be read out loud or not. After reading, and annotating throughout the writing, a discussion begins that includes creative criticism and naming the favorite lines of the piece.
Seascapes is a great opportunity for aspiring writers and editors. This literary magazine is not only a chance to share creative accomplishments, it’s a perfect place to meet new friends and discover their talents as well.