Sophomores’ Super Sweet 16s!


Variety of ways people celebrate their Sweet 16s

Sienna Macdonald, Staff Writer

From parties and trips to sports games and cars, Sweet 16 celebrations can be celebrated differently based on gender and desires.

Traditionally, boys do not celebrate as much as girls. The reason why girls celebrate so much for their 16th birthday is because it used to mark the time when a young woman was allowed to wear makeup and a beautiful dress and make her own decisions.  It marked her coming of age. Nowadays, a Sweet 16 celebration is used to just have fun and doesn’t have as much significance.

Parties to celebrate Sweet 16 are still around, WHBHS sophomore, Brie Provenzano had a formal Sweet 16 being at Rock Hill. She wanted to have fun with all of her friends which is why she chose a party. She had around 140 people and she said, “I have always had family parties at Rock Hill and with the big amount of people I wanted, I knew Rock Hill was a perfect place.”

Parties aren’t for everyone though, WHBHS sophomore Morgan Giacchetto went on a trip to Aruba for her Sweet 16. She chose Aruba because of the amazing adventures possible there including snorkeling and ATVing. Bt choosing a trip, she said, “I thought I would get better memories than a party with it lasting longer than a party.”

Some people don’t want a big party or trip. WHBHS sophomore Meaghan Tufano celebrated by having some family and friends over and received a car for 16th birthday as a big gift, a 2022 Jeep.  She said, “With my birthday being in February, break had just happened and I went away and I had sports so traveling just wasn’t practical.”

Boys are usually the ones to get a car or go to a sporting event for their 16th. Sophomore Aidan Kilroy celebrated his Sweet 16 by going to an Army football game. When asked his opinions on girls having Sweet 16s Kilroy added, “I like going to Sweet 16s and getting dressed up but I would not like to have one myself.” If he were to celebrate as much as girls do, he would wish to go to Hawaii to make memories with his family.

Overall, there are many ways to celebrate Sweet 16s. Some even wish to just go to lunch or do parties and travel but whatever you choose will hopefully make your Sweet 16 the sweetest.