From a Cane to a Pacer


Cole Hunter, Staff Writer

Marywood wasn’t just another college for Ethan Vogt. It was a new home full of new opportunities for the next four years. The biggest decision for every senior is where they will attend college. After a long and successful career at WHB Ethan has found the college for him. 

Located just 193 miles away in a small town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Marywood University has around 3,500 enrolled students and 22 sports teams. Ethan said, “Marywood was the perfect pick for me allowing me to study my major and continue playing soccer. When I was researching Respiratory Therapy programs Marywood was one of the best I came across.” 

Ethan didn’t just want to continue his education in college but he also wanted to continue playing soccer. But since his major is a very intense,  playing soccer at the Division III level would allow him to accomplish his work while playing a sport.

As the summer comes and Ethan’s senior year of high school is ending, there are many things that Ethan will be leaving behind when he leaves in the fall. Ethan said, “I’m gonna miss my friends and family when I leave, and also the warm community of Westhampton as a whole. But I am also excited to meet new friends and endure new experiences at Marywood.”