Dodgeball Tournament Raises Money


winning dodgeball team

Heath Sumwalt and Dante Mansfield

Things got intense after school on March 10th as the girl’s volleyball hosted dodgeball warfare to raise money for their new top-of-the-line backpacks.

The battlegrounds were set in the high school gym and consisted of teams of six players from any grade throughout the high school. The teams battled it out for five minutes per game via standard volleyball rules. Each of the teams paid $5 per person to participate in the tournament.  Junior volleyball player Charlotte Dermody said, “The money was raised to buy backpacks for the team next season.” 

The heavy competition led to high tensions in the gym. In the end, only one team prevailed. The talented and athletic team consisting of Juniors Kevin Smith, Calvin Henke, Will Gambino, Gavin Brand, Tj Hill, and Riley Miller came out on top. 

The winners were each given a Hurricane Deli gift card. After winning Kevin was very confident about the tournament. He said, “I felt great and had a feeling from the start that we were gonna win.” 

 Gavin was pleased about being able to play for a good cause. He said, “I thought it was great! I had a good time pelting people with dodgeballs and raising money for a good cause at the same time and also being able to enjoy a Hurricane Deli gift card.” 

The volleyball team was able to raise $240. Thank you to all that participated and for helping out the girl’s varsity volleyball team.