Staying Focused before Summer


June 2022 Regents Schedule

Brynn Reilly, Staff Writer

By the end of the school year whether you’re a senior or a freshman, students start to check out and stop focusing on their schoolwork. This is mainly caused by the warmer weather, beaches being open, and summer feeling flying in the air. With Regents coming up, there is still a way to maintain being focused and enjoying that summer weather. 

Sophomore class president Patricija Dirzius shows one way on how she is staying focused and how she feels about the many Regents she is taking. Patricija dedicates 30 minutes a day to sit down and go over topics to study. “I feel like 30 minutes isn’t too long but it also gives me enough time to review topics and go over what I don’t remember or understand.”

 With these 30 minutes, it allows time to still be able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. If you dedicate too much time in one day, you most likely will stop studying because you feel like it’s too much. Make sure to take breaks and figure out the perfect time for you to dedicate each day for a certain subject or topic. 

Along with how she is staying focused, Patricija also gave her opinion on the Regents she is taking this year. “I feel like the Regents are a good test to give out in certain classes, but when it becomes every class it’s very stressful and makes me feel non-motivated.” Even though the Regents may feel stressful or not worth taking time out of the day, they’re still very important and contribute a lot to your overall grades. 

WHB math teacher Mrs. Grunenwald’s advice on how to do well on this year’s Regents is simply, practice.  She said, “An important step for doing well is to practice old Regents exams and to go to practice Regents reviews.” 

Along with this, Mrs. Grunenwald also gave uplifting advice to help students persevere through the last week of school. “You have to remember that you’ve worked hard all year and there is no reason to give up now. Don’t cram, eat, rest, and you will be fine.” With this advice there is a significant chance that you will do amazing on the Regents even with a couple beach breaks in between!

If you don’t know how to start studying, the first step should be to set aside time each day to study and figure out what topics you forgot or don’t understand. Make sure to study, but don’t forget to give yourself breaks and take in that summer feeling flying through the air!