School’s Out For Summer (For Jobs!)


Possible Summer Jobs This Summer!

Gavin Brand, Staff Writer

School’s out for summer! That means summer jobs are starting back up for students who are trying to make money and hop on the job train. With summer approaching it’s crucial to apply for jobs as soon as possible. 

A hot job this summer in WHB is working at a country club.  Sophomore Kevin Smith works in the bag room at the Westhampton Beach Country Club. He said, “I clean clubs, golf carts, and pick up balls on the range.” He likes this job. “I like how easy it is and the people I work with.” This is his second season working at the club.

Other students prefer to work at a beach club instead, like Andrew Albrecht who works at La Ronde Beach Club. He is a beach boy and he helps give out chairs and umbrellas to the members at the beach. He said, “I like working outside with my coworkers and making connections with them.” He worked there for the 2021 summer and said it was a good experience so he came back.

Many students work in beach club’s restaurants. Sofia Mattera works at Seawater Kitchen at the Swordfish Beach Club. She said, “I recommend working here!  It’s an easy schedule that I can base on my personal schedule.” Hours range from 11am-5pm.  She  said, “It’s an enjoyable and friendly place to work.”  She is a cashier and she runs food as well.

As for me, I also work at Swordfish. I am a monitor which means I do odd jobs like getting to sweep boardwalks, taking out the trash, and sitting in the parking lot. I get to work with the other monitors at the club and most of them are my friends whom I met last year. My job is pretty easy with some exceptions when the club gets crowded.  I recommend the job because I get to interact with all the members of the club and anyone who goes there.

Overall Westhampton Beach and the surrounding villages have many job opportunities.  Hopefully this has helped some of you WHB students looking for jobs this summer!