Freshmen Fears


Current freshmen in a Spanish class

Rosie Babcock and Charlotte Dermody

The fears and expectations for current and upcoming freshmen are real. What will next year bring for freshmen in the first regular school year since COVID?

Traditionally, freshmen are blamed for walking too slow and clogging up the hallways which leads to upperclassmen complaints. Eight out of ten upperclassmen interviewed said that their biggest pet peeve about the freshman was walking too slow in the hallways. 

Because of these stereotypes, freshmen enter high school with fears.

Current freshman Cody Rodgers said that some of his fears coming into high school were, “Not knowing where everything is and the teachers.” This is a very common fear amongst newcomers. 

WHB freshman Talaya Spruill said, “Some of my fears coming into high school were getting run over in the halls and getting made fun of because I’m a freshman.” 

Freshmen enter the high school with the assumption and worry that the upperclassmen or even new people in their grade are going to run them over in the hallway. Though as the year goes on, they come to realize that their belief was incorrect all along.

Some current middle school students are riddled with nerves. Never experiencing halls overcrowded with older people, they have no idea what to expect in the bigger and busier high school.

Eighth grader Mia Dermody expressed her fear of “losing her friends.” Freshmen often believe that because of introduction to new kids from East Moriches and upperclassmen they will lose their friends. They worry about losing their friends, causing them to believe that they will feel lost and struggle to fit in.

Grades are also a big fear when entering high school. “AP biology is one class that I am scared to fail the most,” said freshmen Willow DuBrovin. While grades are a big factor in school life, teachers will do their best to make sure all students succeed and pass with soaring colors. Teachers also provide extra help after school. Some teachers will allow students to make up missing assignments, but it’s recommended to try and submit it before it’s due.

Not all eighth graders are experiencing unease about the high school. Some are more excited than nervous. Current eighth grader Patrick Fay says, “High school is going to be more fun and I will get to see so many more people. I think I am going to like it a lot more than the middle school.” 

Underclassmen said they enjoy the amount of freedom granted to them by entering this building. In middle school, teachers are strict with learning, especially phone use during the school day. In high school, the freedom we are given makes us feel older and more mature with new responsibilities.

While high school is different from what many newcomers are used to, it’s not as bad as some think. High school is about making new friends, meeting new people, learning new things and getting to experience what it’s like to be a teenager. Upperclassmen expressed that they wished they were different from their freshmen year. They are grateful for the struggles that it brought to them, and they were able to grow from it.