WHB Senior Prom 2021


Arielle Bolduc, Staff Writer

Senior prom at the East Wind on June 3rd was a special time for many WHB seniors. Due to Covid precautions and graduation, it was held earlier than usual. Senior prom had kids excited and ready for a night filled with lasting memories.

After dancing the night away, senior Lizzie Knierman said,”My favorite part of prom was dancing with friends and making these last few memories before we go our separate ways.” With the entire senior class on the dance floor, it’s hard not to make amazing memories. 

As juniors, we didn’t have our junior prom due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Although we didn’t get to experience this, senior prom did make up for it. Senior Matthew Girard said,”It was more special; we’re seniors and we didn’t know for sure if we were even going to have a senior prom. It felt more like normal life too because there were no masks.” 

Coach buses took kids to prom and back. Prom lasted from around 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Food was served as soon as seniors arrived, as well as water, shirley temples, and soda. The DJ started playing music as soon as everyone arrived as well.

Senior prom was a blast! Thank you Mr. Walling for everything!  For a video recap, check out the Hurricane Watch from June 11, 2021.