Covid Community Service Opportunities


Emily Schmidt, Staff Writer

For those struggling to find community service opportunities this year, look no further! Although community service during COVID is hard for students to come by, we are lucky to have many local places where you can find community service along with online COVID friendly resources, organizations, and programs. Plenty of different opportunities exist.  Many community service options are right under your nose here in WHB. 

Junior Kayla Graves stated, “I took part in a beach cleanup at Rogers beach and helped coach youth lacrosse. Other local services you can take part in are animal shelters or even just donating clothes.” Something as little as having fun with younger kids and teaching them the sport you love counts as community service hours!

Beach cleanups are popping up at many local beaches. Grab a friend and go do good for you and your community and beaches. Not only are you acquiring hours to graduate and for your college resume, but you are taking part in your community and helping local places and people. Instead of throwing away old shirts and clothes, help someone in need. Look for clothes drop off places located next to the Hampton Bays Macy’s, local churches, or the Salvation Army in Riverhead. 

Throughout the pandemic it can be a struggle for some to go out in public places or find places to participate in service. Luckily there are great online resources for community service. One organization, gives many different options and fun things to do including tasks that can be completed from the comfort of your home. You can make DIY masks for people in need or neighbors, collect food for your local bank, or even drop off clothes or toys. All you have to do is submit a picture once the task is completed and someone from the organization will sign off for your hours. You can even have chances to win scholarships!  

Junior Eleanor Arena shared what she has done through Key Club during the pandemic.  She said, “I wrote cards for older people in nursing homes.” Becoming someone’s penpal not only brightening their day and probably yours, but acquiring more community service hours. Check out the Westhampton Care Center right here in WHB. Get in touch and make a new friend. 

Get creative WHB! There’s always a way for you to create your own ideas, clothing drives, etc… right here in school and through the community. These are only a few of many different community service options that will help you and others.  Remember you need 10 hours a year!