Holidays at Home


The Light Show at Jones Beach

Lianna Rankin, staff writer

After the year we’ve been through, fxinding ways to get in the holiday spirit this year is more important than ever. You can still bring Christmas joy to you, your family and your friends.  You can do the things you love most around the holiday season and make it as normal as possible, with the safety precautions.

With the pandemic, there is no way going around it. You can still make the best of Christmas by just keeping gatherings to no more than 10 people, if in a close space wear masks, try to keep most activities socially distanced or outside if possible.

Junior Kate Ryan said, “My favorite holiday tradition is to do Secret Santa with my friends but this year we are using a website where it randomly gives us a name and people can put their wish lists and everyone can drop the gifts off at each others’ houses.” With a virtual Secret Santa you can FaceTime or Zoom with your friends.

Junior Lindsey Villareale said,“Decorating a gingerhead you can do on FaceTime with all your friends or watch Christmas movies and instead have a Netflix party with friends.”

A fun, free and socially distance activity to do is go and drive around your neighborhood and see all the Christmas lights people put up at their houses.  Or. the Jones Beach Light Show lasts until December 31st.

With everyone having more free time with staying home, there’s more time for baking. Make your favorite cookies and exchange for someone else’s.  Leave at your front porch! If you are able to, there are children in need. Donate to your local toy drives for the kids who would really benefit from it!

Most of us are fortunate enough to receive and give presents this Christmas season but some are not. Imagine you being a little kid and don’t receiving one gift from santa. If you are able to donate just one toy to kids in need it would make their day.  Donate today at the main lobby of our school!

Hopefully you can find ways to enjoy this holiday season while still being safe and remaining healthy.  Happy Holidays!