You’re Masking for It


Emily and Gail have the inside scoop on masks!

Gail Drange and Emily Schmidt

Masks have been taking over society due to COVID-19 pandemic. With mask wearing now being a must, WHBHS students are making fashion statements with masks. 

Many students have a certain preference of style, brand, and material. “I care more about comfort than fashion, but I do enjoy wearing a fun mask,” says senior Ella Dunathan.

Comfort is definitely a key factor in choosing a mask. Many students claim that cotton materialalong with silk masks are extremely comfortable.

Junior Ryan Traynor says, “My favorite brand of mask would have to be Under Armour. Their masks are breathable, comfortable, and match all of my outfits.” Nike masks are also very breathable and great for sports and school.   

Under Armour masks-Masks don’t have to be basic. Instead, masks can range from pink to cheetah print. Plenty of materials and designs make everyday mask wearing comfy and fun. 

Kitsch masks- Check out Kitsch website is for a more feminine and trendy style. 

Red Bubble masks- We recommend checking out Red bubble too, which has every type of mask to choose from.

Although COVID-19 is awful, we might as well make the best out of our circumstances. Wear a mask you feel comfortable and good in. That will make it fun for you to wear. Pick out outfits and match them with your cutest mask.