Making the Most of What We Have Left, The Class of 2021’s Story


 With the 2020 school year ending abruptly, the Class of 2021 is determined to make their senior year a memorable one. 

How can we make up for what we lost? In short we cannot. All we can do is make the best of what we have left. And for my classmates and I that is our senior year! 

But fears of a distance learning lasting into next year is throwing a wrench into our plans for an unforgettable senior year. According to NPR’s Anya Kamentez, many schools in states that were not severely affected by COVID-19 are already opening in some capacity. For example in Montana seniors are allowed to come in to work on specific classes that they need to graduate this year.  

However WHB is a different story. Since we are located in New York, the epicenter for the Coronavirus, reopening may not come so quickly. Even if we do reopen in September, there is no doubt things will be different. This could include continued distance learning and a small amount of students attending school daily followed by deep cleaning before other students can enter.  

Despite the possible changes, the Class of 2021 refuses to let COVID-19 get them down!  

According to rising senior Maureen Duffy, “This quarantine and social distancing period has definitely taught me to enjoy and make the most of every moment I have with the people I love. Looking ahead to senior year I cannot wait to make incredible memories with my friends, classmates, teachers, and family.”

 Duffy is not alone in her excitement for senior year. After “Zooming” and texting with other seniors it is clear to me that no matter what next year looks like it will be a memorable one. We are a strong group of students who have overcome a lot more in our lives and all together the Class of 2021 is ready to leave their mark on WHB on last time!