Ending The School Year Differently


Alexandra Sielaw, Staff Writer

Teachers and students start to get ready to review for big exams and tests at the end of the year but with no one in school teachers have to say the final goodbye through their computer.  With no finals being given, teachers will need to develop a new way to end the school year. 

To wrap up the end of the year English teacher Mrs. Connelly has asked her students to submit memories of this year that they shared together to make a digital memory book.  She also has her freshman classes creating a Freshman Survival Guide for the new incoming class. 

Math teacher Mrs. Dimarco has her students completing a survey about what they liked and didn’t like as well as what has life been like learning remotely online the last couple of months of school and what she could do to help. 

Due to no large gatherings and learning remotely, most big tests and exams were cancelled, this gave both teachers and students a little extra time to space out lessons as well as have more time to explain the lesson to students now that it could be harder for students to learn at home. 

Mrs. DiMarco did not get to play her fun review games with her classes as she would’ve liked to but she has been posting spirals weekly of old questions to still have her students remember what they have learned this year.

Both DiMarco and Connelly say they will miss seeing their students and feel an emptiness closing out the year online. They will miss giving that one last goodbye before summer starts. 

For Westhampton Beach it may be a tough time now but we can’t wait to see what next year brings in store for us.