Do You Have a Solution For Your Resolution


From left to right is Abby Gobler, Christian Capuano, and Caroline Henke

The students of WHB have made New Year’s Resolutions, did they stick with them or give up? 

The new decade has started and many people have made resolutions to accomplish a goal for the upcoming year. A study from the University of Scranton found that 77% of the U.S. population creates a New Year’s Resolution and only 19% of the people actually fulfill their resolutions. 

Junior Abby Gobler has stuck to her resolution to “be more present.”  She says, “I am more present in and out of school” because she is using her phone less in the morning, and listening more to other people.

Junior Hailey Hanyo’s resolution was to cry less in public and she said, “I have only cried once in public since the new year has started.”

Junior Caroline Henke wanted to “lose her chub for the summer of 2020,” and she claims it was worse than before.

Junior Jackson Hulse’s New Year’s resolution was to eat vegetables and fruits for the first time but he has not had one, but he plans on trying on it.

Juniors Joe Pileri and Christian Capuano wanted to be at Louis’ house more and go to the mall with Shaun Williams.  They been to Louis’ house more to party, and Shaun went to the mall but Christian has not gone to the mall with Shaun.

Junior Louis Hagopian wanted to “have more parties” and he kept up with his resolution by having numerous parties. He said, “I’ve thrown more parties than expected.”

Sophomore Aidan Kellachan wants to get a girlfriend that his parents like but he has not found the right person yet, but he is still trying. Look for him on Snapchat @AJKellachan.

Sophomore Lexi Sielaw wanted to become a better person for herself and others, and she has been getting her school work done and keeping a good relationship with her friends.

Most students stuck with their resolutions, and those who didn’t are committed to still accomplish them.  It’s always good to make goals and try to stick to them.