2020 Resolutions


Veronica Connelly, Staff Writer

 With 2019 coming to an end the beginning of the new year offers a fresh start for WHB students. 

The new year brings the tradition of making up resolutions. People all over the world take part in making a new years resolution. Research shows that out of all 60% of people making resolutions 8%  actually go through with them. 

    Although many hope for a good year with friends and good health some whb students had some unique and  interesting resolutions. 

 Louis Hagopian,  junior, says he would like to “ throw more parties” this 2020.      

Caroline Henke,  junior, wants to “lose the ‘chub’ on her tummy” for summer 2020.

Aidan Kellechan, sophomore, wants a “ respectable girlfriend one his parents will like.”

Hailey Hanyo. junior, needs to “cry less in public.”

Katelynn Dahlen, sophomore, would like to “ be more social” this school year. 

Jackson Hulse,  junior, would like to “ try a veggie or fruit for the first time in my life”  this 2020. 

Bobby Hill, sophomore, would like to “ go to Tufts “ this new year.

Christian Capuano  and Joe Pilari, juniors, want to “attend Louis Hagopian’s house more and go to the mall with Shaun.” 

Lexi Sielaw, sophomore, would like to “ become a better person for herself and others” this 2020. 

Abby Gobler, WHB junior,  wants to “ be more present “ in her life and in school. 

 Let’s hope our WHBHS students stick to their 2020 resolutions and make it a great one. 

Now onto the next decade !