Life After APs


Student taking test

Jake Mecca , Staff Writer

The notoriously stressful and challenging AP courses have come to an end, but the Regents exams and finals that correspond with the higher level classes are still to come.

To get students over seemingly endless supply of Regents exams and finals they still have yet to take, they can remind themselves that summer is just a few weeks away.

It also helps that now AP courses have gotten to be less stressful and without the workload from college board, students’ study time can be increased.   

Nine out of the ten months of the school year we spend stressing and preparing for AP exams but after the test the environment of the classroom completely changes and the stress fades away.

Sophomore Olivia Jayne agrees, “The environment of the classroom has changed from having a stressful and anxious feeling to being a laid back, relaxed class.”

AP tests are usually harder than regents exams and with the AP tests finished the students can take their minds off their stressful AP classes and begin to focus on their other classes.

Sophomore Alexius Valerius feels like she has much more time to study. “I’m so relieved to finish my AP tests but I still have lots of Regents exams and finals to study for, but at least I have a lot less AP homework.”

Not only do AP students get a chance to catch their breath but AP teachers also do not have to give as much homework and help the students prepare for the test.

Mr. Rupertus teaches both AP Research and AP World History and feels that after the exams, “I have a lot less on my plate and I can go into cruise control.”

Also Mr. Rupertus doesn’t have to grade as much classwork and homework and is allowed to relax for the last month of the school year.

We are in the home stretch and almost done with the year, summer is inches away and we should enjoy the final month at WHBHS before days filled with the hot sun and summer jobs make us forget all about high school until September.