Sophomores on the Roads


Patricia Gilvary, Staff Writer

Watch out WHB… many new drivers are among us! As we go into the school year, more and more sophomores have been getting their permits, which means they can drive on the road with a parent/guardian in the vehicle.

To get a permit, a student must be at least 16 years of age, and go through a process at the DMV, one factor of it being the permit test.

Sophomore Alicia Linder recently got her permit, and spoke about her experience.

“Once I got to the DMV, I spoke to someone about the test. They checked my passport, birth certificate, and bank statement. I then signed some forms and agreed to all of the rules of the road/the questions I was about to be asked during the test.”

She then went on to take the permit test, and passed. “All of the questions were common sense, it wasn’t hard,” Alicia said.

After passing the test, she took her ID photo and paid a fee of $90 for it, and received a paper saying she got her permit. She was told she would be receiving her permit card in the mail within a few weeks.

Getting a permit is extremely beneficial, as students are able to prepare for getting their full licenses once they turn 17.

“I was so happy to get a permit, and I’m super excited to get my full license,” said sophomore Laila Goss. “It allows me to learn to be more comfortable on the road, which will help me in the future with driving.”

Students getting their permits go through a simple process that allows them to prepare for driving in the future.

Good luck to all of them on the roads!