Just Travel.


Ella Donneson, Staff writer

Student travel is an irreplaceable opportunity for teens to step out of their little world and discover a new part of themselves. By packing their suitcases, getting out their passport and going to wherever one may go, kids can explore life in a new way and see the world in a new light.

The excitement for planning a trip allows people to feel a sort of happiness that nothing else can create. By feeling ecstatic and driving them to go somewhere new and exciting, teens can discover a new side of themselves and the world, and even want to go to more places.  “Setting up a list of places you want to visit is extremely motivating. You have something tangible to go after” (“Travel More”…5). This gives people something they can physically hold onto and grasp, building up anticipation for the future.

The list of things that travel can do for people is endless. Whatever first pops into your head when you think of traveling, is most likely to be something that positively affects you. Whether it’s letting go of stress and getting away from your daily life, or even trying exotic foods and activities. When students travel during the school year, they get to experience life and learning in a new way that most people don’t get to. When exploring the world, eyes are opened up to the real world and not just what is in one’s little bubble at home.  Travel brings new meaning to education when kids can physically see and emotionally feel what they are learning and experiencing (“Educational Benefits 3”).

In order to broaden horizons and discover who you truly are, you need to get out there and see for yourself what life has instore for you. By starting young, teens will grow up and already have experienced much more than most. Having insight on not only cultural, but social experiences make for better people all around.

Those who do not get out there and experience all that life is full of, miss out on the exciting things that everyone should get to feel.  Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” (“Travel More”…3).

Just travel.


I was in Costa Rica last summer on a Rustic Pathways community service trip.