A Flashback to the Past


Braelene Owen in her ’80s gear

Chloe Vargas, Staff Writer

Looking through your parents’ old high school pictures, you might make fun of the way they used to dress…but those styles are slowly coming back. The ‘80s fashion has made its way back into our school and the runways.

The ‘80s fashions are known as one of the most outrages decades in fashion. Most of the trends that have come back have been toned down and styled in unique ways. The extravagant prints and sequins have been featured on all the high class runways.

More and more old styles have been trending in Westhampton. Most specifically scrunchies, cropped jeans and platform sneakers. They are everyday styles in our school. It is pretty typical to see a girl with a scrunchie in her hair and if not, on her wrist.

Braelene Owen, one of the most trendy sophomores, says that she has noticed that ‘80s styles have come back like the oversized trends and scrunchies. Braelene definitely has incorporated some of the older styles with mom jeans, platform sneakers, plaid pants, scrunchies and the way she arranges her clothes.

She gets her inspiration from Instagram models and fashion models from stores like PacSun, Urban Outfitters and Free People. Braelene says, “I like my style, It’s very me and if I’m not wearing something I like, I feel very uncomfortable.” She has even admitted to taking her mom’s old clothes.

It seems that with fashion, history repeats itself. Let’s just be glad the 2000s have not made a comeback.