Degroot’s Dedication to Yoga


Josh Cunniff, Staff Writer

Have you ever been interested or wanted to try out hot yoga? This isn’t just regular yoga, it’s being in a room that is 105 degrees for 75 minutes. Junior Madi Degroot has a deep passion for yoga and dedicates her time to bringing out the best she can be.

Hot yoga has many benefits such as strengthening the heart, cleaning out the veins, cleansing impurities from the body and regulating metabolism along with the immune system. There are people who just don’t enjoy working out and doing machinery equipment, for this reason hot yoga is a great replacement.

During hot yoga it detoxifies all the impurities in the body by diffusing essentials oils, soothing music with a peaceful mindset. Researchers suggest that hot yoga is safe for most people and improves balance, strength and it’s a great stress reliever! Madi often goes 3x a week with her closest friends. In October, Madi completed the challenge of which consisted of going every day within the month and succeeded the challenge.

Madi has many tips and tricks on how to succeed in the best way to achieve your yoga goals. First, she recommends that you don’t eat before as it can make you feel sick or nauseous, but not to go with an empty stomach due to it resulting in making you lightheaded. It really depends on what you eat she added.

Many people ask if you have to be flexible to do hot yoga. Madi said “You start off slow at first and keep on practicing by becoming better and more flexible every time you go, everyone starts somewhere.”

The class is typically 75 to an hour long. It can be very overwhelming to beginners with all the heat but you can leave anytime. There are many poses in the class that are to be learned. The most popular are of downward dog, the cobra, warrior, and vinyasa. All of these poses help the body by increasing the inner core, hamstrings and upper arm strength.

Madi tries her best to get all people involved in doing yoga. Junior Carley Cunneen said, “Madi is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She talks about yoga frequently and always wants me to try it out.”

Carley thinks Madi is very confident and is positive all the time. Junior Emma McCauley said, “Madi is very committed. She goes to yoga most days no matter how much homework she has and keeps her grades up. I would describe her as selfless and independent.”

As Madi is proving, yoga helps maintain many positive health issues and brings a positive mindset. Everyone should try new things no matter how new you are at it. Everyone starts somewhere.