Stress-Free Senior Year

Ella Donneson, Staff Writer

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Applying to college soon? Here’s a little look to help upcoming students heading into the application process.

The phrase “college application” seems to automatically freak some students out, but with the right planning and time management the college application process won’t be as overwhelming as students might expect.

In a recent interview, guidance counselor Mrs. Angiporti said that on average, students should be applying to about six-to-eight schools. It really depends on the person, but you have to have options.

Some kids can apply to one school, get in, and everything works out. But that is not the case for most people. Everyone is different, and to get the best results, Mrs. Angiporti suggests thinking outside the box, keeping an open mind and applying to a variety of schools.

Senior Zach Zaffuto applied to eight-to-ten schools. “Choosing a topic for the essay was definitely the most stressful part,” he said. “We get to make it all about ourselves and really personalize it, but first you have to get the right idea.”

Most colleges require applicants to write at least two essays. The essays are where students get to show colleges what makes them different from everyone else and how they are unique apart from their grades and SAT scores.

To avoid all the stress and time-crunching deadlines, Mrs. Angiporti recommends that students start the process as soon as possible. Use the resources colleges give you, and really take advantage of that.

Examples include touring the schools in person as well as taking virtual tours online. In addition, students need to understand that they are not supposed to know what they’re doing. It is okay to feel lost, because you are among millions of other students who are also dealing with this pressure and have successfully completed the process.

But what students really need to focus on is themselves. Mrs. Angiporti also said most seniors are stressing too much about where they are going to fit in the best rather than what place fits them the best.

Students should trust that they will find success and happiness at some point.  “You will create these things for yourself; it comes from the person, not from the place,” she said.