Football Themes Take the Field

Mary Koltzan, Staff Writer

With a new coach and a new season, this year’s varsity football team started weekly themes to liven the student section at their home games.

Red, white, and blue flooded the stands at the first football game of the season. The following week, Hawaii came to WHB. And for the big game against Sayville, it was white-out.

The themes have so far been a success, with almost the entire student section participating at each home game. Students from every grade have said they love the new themes because they make the games more fun.

“I think that the themes hype up the crowd more because it gives people something to look forward to doing for the game,” said junior Paige Mignone. “My favorite [theme] was probably Hawaiian. It was the most fun to get ready for and the most people participated. Everyone took cute pictures. It shows the teams we’re competing against that we’re a strong school and have a lot of people involved.

According to senior football player Liam McIntyre, the senior players came up with the idea. “We think it’s a fun way to get the students involved, it looks cool and makes for a fun student section. Each week we’ll discuss and pick something we think will look cool.”

A lot of students also had ideas for themes for the upcoming games. Junior Paige Mignone said that she would want to see a game where everyone wore neon. Sophomore Taylor Hertwig also suggested that the team should definitely do a tie-dyed themed game.