John Hallock’s Rolling Piece of Art


Behind a closed garage door, for three years, junior John Hallock, has built with his blood sweat and tears, a beautiful red two door, 2000 Ford Mustang.

He bought the car when he was 14 with little to money to start the project. But over time, every dollar he would get, he would take the chance to use the money for tweaking and replacing parts to make it closer to the final piece of art. He took every chance to replace anything to the clutch, which is now a standard transmission with a stage 2 clutch 5 speed.

The engine is stock but with some mods the Hallock did. His engine is a stock 3.6 liter V6 with a pro charger and has 500 horses with 385 lbs of torque released. After the engine was done, he proceeded to do detailing with anything from a four set of chrome wheels which 17 inch OEM Cobra r style wheels. Then going to a custom welder and made him a custom exhaust.

Now after almost of three years of downs of failures and up of success, on May 14th 2018, he finally got the car registered and insured and ready to ride the roads.