Promposal Season


Madison D'Aries, Staff Writer

Prom season is quickly approaching! Young couples everywhere are daydreaming not only about the day, but about the invite.

Over the past few years promposals have become a trending topic for juniors and seniors everywhere. Promposal is the act of asking someone else to prom, in a thoughtful way. Some keep is a low key as possible- while others don’t.

From extravagant announcements with posters and confetti, to love notes that consist of the 4 letter question every girl wants to see, “Prom?” It’s on everyone’s mind this time of year of how exactly they want their promposal to turn out. Sometimes even the most perfect sounding plans can go wrong.

In 2015, junior Bryce Phillips was eager to ask his girlfriend of one year, Kelsey D’Aries, to their junior prom. Bryce knew that Kelsey did not want anything extravagant. “She’s a low key person, I didn’t want to do anything over the top.” Knowing Kelsey is fond of the iced tea drink Snapple, he decided to have a Snapple cap made to say a sentence asking her to prom. He then had her open the drink and to her surprise, there was the invite.

A good tip for promposals: make sure you know if the person you’re asking is a fan of surprises. This can be essential for promposals because they may turn you down if the way you asked them was too much or too little.

Prom is such an eventful time in young high schooler’s lives, so make the invite special and have fun at prom!