10th Graders Dive Into College


Craig Connor, Staff Writer

This fall a select few of 10th graders went on a tour of several colleges throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This trip gave them an early look on what college is like and what the students will look for while applying. They toured Bryant University, Babson University, Connecticut College, Harvard, Holy Cross University, Northeastern University and Providence College. The students who chose to go on the trip took advantage of an amazing opportunity.

On December 2nd the students boarded the buses at Westhamtpton Beach High School at 5:30 am. Taking two separate buses, the students and their teachers drove for several hours and took a ferry before reaching Connecticut College. The students were divided into groups and given a tour of the campus by students who were currently attending the College. “I found it interesting how the students knew so much about the schools. The schools have very interesting histories,” said 10th grader Matthew Anastasia.

After the tour of Connecticut College was finished the two buses of students ad teachers split up to go to two separate colleges. One of the buses went to Babson College while the other traveled to Holy Cross College. While very different both of these colleges had a lot to offer. Babson is a business school that provides an international feel of education with 30% of their student population residing outside the U.S. Holy Cross on the other hand is a liberal arts school. After visiting their respective colleges one bus traveled to Harvard University while the other traveled to Northeastern University. Harvard, one of the oldest and most acclaimed universities in the world was founded in 1636 and has had many notable alumni such as John F. Kennedy, Mark Zuckerberg, John Adams, Matt Damon, Bill Gates and many more.

After that all of the students met at a local café for some much needed food before heading out to attend a Northeastern Huskies basketball game against the Harvard Crimson. Winning the game 80-71 Northeastern improved to 6-1 while Harvard dropped to 2-5. Then it was back to the hotel for some rest for the long journey to Providence, Bryant and then home the next day. After a 6:30 wake up the students ate breakfast and boarded the bus for Bryant University. Primarily a business school Bryant was by far a favorite of many of the students who went on the trip. Bryant has a long sprawling campus set out on 400 acres and only 30 minutes away from Providence, Rhode Island. With the tour finished the students took the short ride over to Providence College. Also a favorite among many of the students Providence features both expansive science and business programs. “I enjoyed Providence because of the architecture and the Church,” said Matthew Anastasia. While Providence is a Catholic school they have exceptional sports programs as well. Their hockey team won the 2015 NCAA

Division One National Championship in 2015. After Providence the students and teachers set out for the several hour trek back to Westhampton Beach High School.

Even the teachers had opinions on the colleges that the trip visited. “Bryant and Providence do a very good job of preparing you for the real world,” said English teacher here at Westhampton Beach Mrs. Wiles. Many of the teachers who did not go on the trip questioned its legitimacy. People ask, they are 10th graders, how is a college trip going to benefit them? “Not a lot of kids have the opportunity to visit these colleges,” said Mrs. Wiles, “This gives students a chance to build a preference on what college they will look to attend.” While a college trip for kids three years away from graduation may seem unnecessary, it is invaluable to the students who choose to go on it. “I wouldn’t go if I didn’t think it benefitted the kids in finding colleges,” said Mrs. Wiles.