College Shopping 101


“OH NO, I CAN’T FIND THE RIGHT BED COVERS FOR COLLEGE!!!” Sound familiar? Are college acceptance letters flying in the mail slot? The stress of waiting may be over but is the stress of not knowing what to buy and where to get it still there? Fear not Westhampton Beach Seniors, for this article is here to tell you where to buy all of the college must-haves.After reading this, the process for college shopping will be a breeze this coming fall.

Senior Collette Delisle, who plans on going to SUNY Oswego, stated, “What you will need to shop for depends on where you are going,” for example, “if you are going to Buffalo then you will have to pack more sweaters and boots than shorts and flipflops.” Although Delisle has yet to start shopping, she has an idea of what she will need to bring.

Have you visited Target, TJ Maxx or Wal-Mart lately? Because according to recent college alumni they are the perfect place to find everything you need  for a college dorm at a decent price. Hofstra University Alumni Madeleine Magardician says, “I had so much stuff the first day I moved into my dorm at Hofstra, but make sure you see the dorm you’ll be staying in, before you move in so you have a sense of how much you can bring with you.” For Maddie the most important items to have in college were “Bedding, shower caddy, alarm clock, microwave, clothes hangers, mattress topper, storage boxes and picture frames.”

The hardest part about leaving home is feeling comfortable with where you are for the next four years. Dorms are a huge part of the college experience; you meet new people and learn to live with them, which may be a good and bad thing. So the first day, make sure you are prepared with all things necessary to make the next few years perfect.

So make sure you have:

Necessary room needs/storage:

  • Lamp

  • Trash/laundry bin

  • Storage bins

  • Bulletin/Dry-erase board


Sleep,laundry and toiletries

  • Bed and pillow covers

  • Towels

  • Blankets

  • Clothes hangers

  • Pillows

  • Shower caddy

  • Shower shoes

  • Any necessary medications and vitamins*

  • Toothpaste/brush

  • Mini sewing kit (Don’t know how to sew? Learn how, it will come up somehow)


  • Everyone is different; Depends on your major.


Do you have a kitchen?

  • Paper towels

  • Food containers

  • Dish soaps

  • Plastic silverware and utensils

  • Water bottles

  • Coffee mugs

  • Kitchen cleaning supplies


Oh and don’t forget extra underwear!