Seniors’ Sports Memories to Remember


Connor Rodgers, Staff Writer

Participation in high school sports has many benefits, from keeping good grades to keeping athletes in school. But mostly, those who participate make a lot of memories. This is what three seniors will remember in their time as Hurricanes.

Senior Noah Hebberd reflected on what he accomplished this year in football. ”I received the Cory Hubbard award, I received All County awards, many other awards and dinners I had to attend for these. But out of all of my four years of playing varsity football, the most memorable experience was making it to the Suffolk County Championship my senior year.”
Another senior that had a memorable experience for his senior year was Sal Fracapane. Sal says his memorable moment was,”When I won the most valuable player of the Suffolk County championship game for getting two sacks in the game and many tackles.”

Sal also had some memorable moments during his wrestling career.  He said, “I experienced a great year winning many tournaments and getting on the podium. But one of the more memorable moments was making it to the county tournament.”

Senior Luke Kilroy said his last year of football exceeded his expectations. “I thought we weren’t even going to make the playoffs but instead we made it much further.”

These seniors have had great experiences for their high school athletic careers. They went from winning awards or just having great memories that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. n