Soccer Preparing with Preseason Practice 


Montgomery Hahn, Staff Writer

The 2023 soccer season is just around the corner. and with a lot of changes in the future, the boys want to start practicing as soon as they can.

Returning player Gabe Presutti said the team really needs these preseason practices. He said. “I expect players to be a little rusty but then get better each time they step on the field.”

Practices will be twice a week starting in July and all the players are really excited to get back. Returning center back David Cabrera expects the team to be ready by the first practice. He said, “I think the team will be ready to start by the first practice we just have to get all the players to understand that these practices are more than just a get-together we need to stay focused during each practice.”

The team will have a lot of JV players having to step up big this year since the team lost 15 players the previous season.  A two-year JV player, rising sophomore Truman Hahn,  who is looking to make varsity this season, said, “I’m going to try my hardest every practice and if someone needs help I’m going to help them out the best I can.”

It will be fun to get back with the team again but everyone knows that if the boys put everything they have into this season they know what they can do.  Varsity right back Noe Perez’s goals for the season include team building.  He said, “We need to get to know each other and what are strengths and weaknesses are in this preseason so when the season comes around we already know each other and can get better chemistry together on the field.”

The boys have a good chance to do big things this year it all starts with preseason and practice.