Canes Staking Their Spot


The Football team after finishing the Rogers Beach Challenge

Heath Sumwalt, Staff Writer

Over the years, blood, sweat, and tears have passed through the Westhampton Beach football program. From challenges, early morning practices, and two-a-days, the football team has big plans ahead for this season.
Since 1929, the Hurricanes have staked their spot as one of the strongest football teams in Suffolk County. The team and coaches consider the football season to be all year round but the season really starts in the beginning of June.
The challenges take place at Rogers, Chesterfield’s pit, and the turf. The way the challenges are run has changed over the years due to the death of a student at Sachem. Players back in the day used to carry two hundred pounds from Rogers all the way to the school.
Over the years, the Hurricanes have qualified for the playoffs 17 times, winning three of six Suffolk County Championship appearances. Coach Schaum stated that the challenges definitely lead to the success of the team and program. The team atmosphere and chemistry gets better while the boys cheer their teammates on. The challenges consist of sprints, carrying teammates, suicide sprints, and a long distance run. After the hard work, the boys are rewarded with Hurricane Deli bacon, egg, and cheeses.
The boys look forward to their first home game taking on East Islip, September 22 on the new turf. Take a stop by this fall to see the Hurricanes dominating and definitely on November 17th, and November 24th at Stony Brook University for the County and Long Island Championships.