The Boys Have (Only!) Beasley In the Goal


Cole Hunter, Staff Writer

Entering the season the Canes were skeptical about having one goalie. But it was nothing new for goalie Charlie Beasley.  He was confident and ready to take on the season single-handedly.

Charlie, a sophomore, was a huge contributor during the boys varsity lacrosse season this year. He had a lot of pressure riding on him as the only goalie. Many of the boys were nervous entering the season being so dependent on Beasley. Charlie said, “I felt a lot of pressure being the only goalie ,because if I get hurt I don’t know who will fill my spot in the net. The season could be over.”

Some of the players were skeptical on how intense and competitive practice would be throughout the season with the risk of Charlie getting hurt before a big game. Junior Heath Sumwalt said, “I think there was no issue with only having one goalie. The team always brought the intensity to practice no matter what day it was or what the conditions were like.” 

In the middle of the season the team had a big change for their defense. The team made the decision to switch from a “man” to a “zone” defense. By playing in a zone defense would force more outside shots on Charlie. He said, “I would rather play in a zone. I felt confident in our defense’s ability to force the outside shots, making it easier to save.”

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