WHB Gym Classes Heading Inside for the Winter


Shannon Sweet and Reese King

Physical Education teachers are planning for gym classes to head inside for the winter season. Many students love the gym and are interested in what activities the phys. ed. teachers have planned for them.

 Gym classes contain many fan favorite activities among the students. Sophomore Nikki Lee stated,“I loved the volleyball tournament last year; it was so much fun.” Lucky for her, the P.E. teachers are planning to do the tournament again this year. 

Mr. Leogrande confirmed, “We will be doing the volleyball tournament again. There will also be an after school tournament, where each gym class winning team will participate in.” 

Junior Chloe Mosher suggested yoga. “I think that many kids will participate in it and it will be a good stress reliever during the stressful school day, ” she said. 

According to the gym teachers, yoga is not offered yet because of  “limited equipment, space, and class size.”  Mr. Leogrande loved the idea. He said, “We are awaiting yoga mats, once they arrive I will offer a yoga class; namaste.”

When asked, most girls hoped to play this winter, some answers were basketball and badminton. “It would be really fun playing badminton or mini lacrosse games in the gym this winter,” Nikki said. Chloe agreed and mentioned playing organized basketball games and badminton.

As for what students can expect, Mr. Leogrande joked, “We will start off the winter with CD ball. CD ball is a game similar to dodgeball including fleeing, chasing, catching, dodging, hand eye coordination, and agility. P.S. don’t get hit with the ball.”