Spotlight on Sophomore Brody Schaffer


Cole Hunter, Staff Writer

Sophomore football player, Brody Schaffer, continues to lead the Hurricanes as a crucial piece of the team this season.

As a freshman, Brody was a kicker and a running back. In the middle of the season he was  pulled up to kick for varsity. This year as a sophomore Brody is starting as a running back and is absolutely killing it.  He prefers to play running because “it makes me feel more a part of the game.”

Brody wasn’t always a football player.  He played soccer until 8th grade and then made the switch.  He said, “Soccer wasn”t physical enough for me.” 

So far this season Brody, one of just three sophomores on the team, has had eight touchdowns, a kickoff return for 90 yards, and one pick.  Coach Johnson called Brody a “pleasant surprise.” 

Coach Johnson also said, “I knew Brody would be a star, all he needed was an opportunity to shine.” After RB Nolan Michalowski  got hurt in their game against Islip, Brody went in as running back and had two touchdowns and helped lead the Canes to victory.  

After high school Brody would like to continue his academic and athletic career at one of the Big Ten schools. Brody said, “ I think that I would fit into the environment and that this could be the best opportunity for me to reach the NFL.

Come out to support Brody and the Hurricanes as they enter their playoff run.