Triple Threat on the Tennis Team


L to R, Kylie Way, Ana Way, and Emma Way

Bella Pellegrinelli, Staff Writer

The Way sisters are on a winning streak. 

WHB’s girls varsity tennis team has all three of the Way sisters on the team this 2021 season: sophomore, Kylie Way’s second season on the varsity team, senior, Emma Way’s third season on the varsity team and 8th grader, Ana Way’s first season on the varsity team.

The Way sisters have been playing tennis since before they could even walk. They’ve played side by side their entire lives. Emma feels a connection to her dad’s roots while playing tennis. Their father, Rodney Way, came to the states to play tennis from Australia when he was 19 years old. He eventually became a tennis manager for a private club. He was heading to go on tour, Grand Slam, until he developed an injury and turned to coaching and managing. He introduced tennis to his three girls one by one. 

Ana views her first varsity season as exciting but nerve-racking because she’s only an eighth grader that’s competing against seniors. She noticed that all competition is different, some are really good and others not so much. She enjoys playing alongside her sisters. She sees the team going very far this season!

Kylie believes being on varsity with her sisters is amazing. She said, “Ana being on the team brings a whole new aspect to the team that was never expected,” even though she knew her abilities. Right as the season started last season, Kylie made varsity and then became quarantined which resulted in her not being able to play that season. She believes that Covid was the biggest obstacle that they all as a team had to dominate. 

Emma said, “I was so anxious for Kylie’s tryouts and Ana’s were even worse.” Having her final season with both her sisters by her side is amazing. Ana was looking into D3 schools but she applied to all D1 schools so she doesn’t think she will continue her tennis career professionally but she will continue to play club tennis. 

Kylie and Ana are the second doubles team for the matches they’ve played. Emma is a singles player and is phenomenal. We look forward to seeing what these three girls have to offer for this season!