New Numbers, New Problems?


Picture courtesy NY Post

Jack Cumisky, Staff Writer

 NFL players now have the opportunity to expand their number choices for jerseys. Last month it was approved by the commission that players of all teams in certain positions will be allowed to change numbers depending on their position. The Kansas City Chiefs brought up the idea of decreasing the number restrictions and the idea was later approved by the commission. 

Many players are excited to play with the new number rules, but some, like QB Tom Brady aren’t so excited. He took to Instagram outraged saying the number changes are “going to make for a lot of bad football.” 

Quarterbacks, linemen, kickers and punters numbers have not changed. This is not the same for everyone because tight ends, running backs, wide receivers are allowed to wear 1-49 and 80-89, linebackers 1-59, 90-99 and defensive backs 1-49. Older football fans are not fans of this new rule some saying that it might look like college players in the field. 

Some star players have looked into changing their number but this could lead to a lot of confusion on and off the field. Tom Brady is concerned that his teammates’ blocking may be confusing because of the number changes.

 If a player wants to change their number they would have to buy out their current jersey stock unless they were recently traded or signed to a new team then they can change their number without a problem. 

No players are confirmed to change their numbers but there are some who are taking serious consideration into it. Dalvin Cook, a star running back on the Minnesota Vikings is undecided on his decision because it would be around $1.5 million to buy out his current jersey’s stock. However, if a player waits till the 2022-2023 season then they will be able to change it without having to pay.