Will Football Fumble this year?


Amanda White, Staff Writer

With possibilities of another strand of Coronavirus, colleges are concerned about having a football season. There are many debates on whether or not there should be a 2020 season. With the global pandemic, many are worried that it will make things worse, but some also believe that it won’t make a difference. Many athletic directors and coaches have their opinions on the issue but many don’t know if there will be a season.

An official statement has not been made that college football is on or off, but many feel strongly that it will happen because of many important factors. One of them is that football is a very big moneymaker for the economy such as small businesses that revolve around college students. Many college campuses have released a statement saying they will reopen for the school year which is a good sign for the upcoming season.

When talking to Liam McIntyre, a WHB alumni and a Long Island University football player about the upcoming season he said, “Our team has been impacted largely because of the virus this year. We completely missed our spring ball season which includes a lot of practices, lifting, running, scrimmages, and meetings. Since we can’t be on campus we’ve had virtual meetings a few times a week to go over film and formations.” 

Anthony Pecorella, a punter for the Maryland Terapins, said, “The virus canceled spring ball for us. After a long three month break, the NCAA has allowed us to come back and take part in voluntary workouts. From what I’ve heard we will get back to normal mandatory training mid-July and start playing football again.”

As anticipation grows to see if the preseason will begin, football players and fans are hoping for the best. States are beginning to open and will determine if coronavirus will stay at bay or rise again. The future of college sports is in the hands of the virus.