Sisters Side-by-Side in Starting Line-up


Caroline Henke, Staff Writer

The Rongo sisters are taking over the basketball court this season.

Freshman Olivia Rongo, who is starting on varsity for her first season, and her sister Lindsay, who is a senior powerhouse, will be playing together for the first time.

Olivia is so excited to be playing varsity basketball. She says that it is a higher speed game that is way more intense than JV. In her first game, Olivia had seven rebounds, six points and three steals.

She says there is an “equal balance” between staying focused and having fun at the same time.

Coach Peters says that Olivia brings a strong defensive presence and has the ability to knock down mid-range jumpers. She calls Olivia a “spark plug that provides positive energy to the team.”

About playing with her sister, Olivia says, “Sometimes it can be annoying but it’s mostly helpful because she hypes me up. Sometimes she’s hard on me but she can because she’s my sister.”

Lindsay originally thought playing on the team with Liv would be weird because usually she is just on the stands, cheering her on. Now it is totally normal and Lindsay says, “It’s nice having someone you know you can count on playing next to you.”

Come check in with the girls at their next home game!