Athletic Spotlight: Matt Canavan


Nicolas Pataridze, Staff Writer

One last kick for this soccer captain.

This year the boy’s soccer varsity team battled to get to the playoffs.  It ended with a loss in the first round to Wyandanch, 1-2. One of the team’s captains helping the team get to this position was Matt Canavan.

Matt has been playing soccer since he was a little kid; he was inspired by Christian Ronaldo. Matt said he was captain through 7-9 grades. In 10th grade, he was pulled up to varsity.  He was captain again for 11th and 12th grade.

Matt’s teammate and cousin, Alex Slover, said,”Matt is a quiet leader and leads out on the field.” 

Even though the team couldn’t go to the championship game this year, he is still happy he could play the sport he loves. Besides all of that Matt said, “I am happy to play the game even if I win or loose.” 

Next year, Matt hopes his younger brother Dillon Canavan is chosen to be the next team captain and follow in his footsteps.